One Life Church offering trick-or-treating alternative for families

For families who don’t have plans to go trick-or-treating, One Life Church has a great alternative for some family fun. A family fall fest will be taking place at the church where kids can come in, do some crafts and play a ton of games and walk out with a bag of candy. A pastor with the church says this is their second year hosting this event.  

“Last year, we had over 150 kids, and I would say about 90 per cent of them were just from the community at large. It wasn’t even necessarily our church. It was just the importance of, you know what, it’s been such a long time since people have been able to get together and to have that time together, that we had more parents, I think, who were interested in the event and the kids were. But it was wonderful to see all the kids here just interacting and having fun with it as well,” said Mitchell Muizelaar, Family Pastor with One Life Church.

The event will run until 8 p.m.

Angela Stewart

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