Oldman River safety reminders

Reminders are being sent out to remind us about practising safe habits if you are going to be floating on the river this summer. Although the Oldman River is a nice place to cool down when it’s hot there are some things to keep in mind before floating out. Brendon Pyne with the Water Rescue Team explains some of the safety items you should have on hand before heading out on the water.  

“The things we suggest people do before getting on the water are we ask them to inspect their floaties, make sure that they’re going to be holding air. They’re going to get them to and from their destination. We would like to see people not having alcohol or any sort of substances with them on the water. Exercise caution. Develop a float plan. Let somebody know where you’re putting in, where you’re going to get out, and how long you expect that trip to take. Things we suggest people to have with them, we encourage PFD’s even if you’re a strong swimmer.”

Pyne added that locals should not jump into the water from the high-level bridge as there are hazards below the water. The bridge is also considered private property as it belongs to CP Rail. 

Angela Stewart

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