New residential and commercial developments in West Lethbridge

New residential and commercial developments are going up in the west side of the city. A new set of townhomes is being built in Copperwood along with 10 new businesses that will be moving into the area. A realtor for the new developments, Kurtis Hawkins, says this is the first of its kind for the city of Lethbridge.  

“With commercial below and then residential living above. It’s new for the community and new for Lethbridge, meaning that you can buy one of these units and have a commercial space down below and live above, whereas normally with commercial buildings it’s only like lease available. So we’re hoping that it brings some more opportunity for business owners to have their own business at home. Obviously, since COVID work from home has been a big there’s been a big push for work from home since COVID so hopefully this can help some entrepreneurs have their own commercial space while still be able to have their home as well.”

Hawkins says the homes are up for sale now. 


Angela Stewart

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