New micro-credentials being offered at Lethbridge College, U of L

New opportunities are coming for students in post-secondary institutions across the province. 56 new micro-credential classes have been announced by the province. 


The Alberta Government announced its creating 56 new, flexible learning options in the form of micro-credentials at 19 post-secondary institutions in Alberta.


Alberta Minister of Advanced Education, Demetrios Nicolaides, says the pilot program will help people take the next step in their profession or try out a new career opportunity. 


“These specific micro-credentials will help in this new environment where there’s been individuals who have faced unemployment or need to learn new skills very quickly without having to go through a traditional diploma or a four year bachelor degree,” says Nicolaides. 


The micro-credentials are in partnership with industry employers and post-secondary institutions including both Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge. Lethbridge College president and CEO, Dr. Paula Burns, says the college has already launched two programs including Aquaponics and Solar Energy Installation. 


“Training like this really does address those industry needs and it accommodates learners from various backgrounds who may need a different pathway, or they may already be in the workforce. They just have that opportunity to come and do pieces of education that creates new opportunities and help them move in a different direction in their industry or even outside of their industry,” says Burns. 


The Alberta government is investing more than $5.6 million into the pilot program for these learning opportunities in priority sectors and high-demand industries.


“This creates many opportunities for many people and including the University of Lethbridge to play a key role in enabling Albertan’s to seize this opportunity and to help ensure out province has the requisite skills so that these projects can continue to grow in our province,” says the University of Lethbridge President and Vice-chancellor, Mike Mahon.


“It helps to ensure us that training will be available and accessible for students and graduates as we prepare for our next steps,” added President of Lethbridge College Students’ Association, Ednna Stobschinski.


The pilot program is part of Alberta’s 2030 Building Skills for Jobs strategy as a way for Alberta to create a higher skilled and competitive workforce.

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