NDP rejects new K-6 curriculum, UCP backs the draft

Following the release of the new draft curriculum for students in Kindergarten to Grade 6, the education critic for Alberta’s official opposition says the draft is sorely lacking. Sarah Hoffman says the curriculum will not be successful in the end and the UCP government is setting kids up to fail.

“I think that it’s been widely discredited and it’s further evidence that Albertans can’t trust the UCP with public education. If it wasn’t so potentially harmful it would be funny. When you think about an eight-year-old learning about Charlemagne, that is ridiculous, but actually, it is highly problematic and damaging because you’re not setting kids up for success, you’re not actually teaching them foundational knowledge that will help them be ready for higher learning, the world of work,” said Sarah Hoffman, Education Critic, Alberta NDP, Official Opposition.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Adriana LaGrange defends the draft saying the UCP is committed to helping students in building a successful education.

“A new curriculum will set them up on the best path forward success within our classroom and beyond. Our students deserve this new curriculum and we will deliver. The foundations for a rewarding career and bright future begin early in life and Alberta’s education system is a critical starting point. Our government is committed to teaching students essential knowledge to help them develop a strong foundation for future learning, and we are committed to improving student performance and outcomes in reading, writing, and mathematics. That’s exactly what we are doing with this balanced and measured approach,” said Adriana LaGrange, Alberta Education Minister during a press conference.

Angela Stewart

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