LSCO partners with Drive Happiness to bring assisted transportation program

A partnership between the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization and Drive Happiness now offers a senior assisted transportation program. Those looking to use the service must be registered as a rider and everything is pre-arranged. There is also a small fee attached. Officials at the LSCO is reminding us that it is not a taxi service.  

“There really aren’t a whole lot of options as far as volunteer drivers. And just with the amount of seniors in our community that needed low cost effective transportation, Drive Happiness was an easy in for us. They are very, very involved and they really love what they’re doing for seniors throughout Alberta,” said Shiloh Sabas, In Home Supports Coordinator, Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization.

Sabas says they are still in need of more volunteers. They are looking for those who have a flexible schedule. If you can help, you are asked to reach out to the LSCO through their website.  

Angela Stewart

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