LPS seek artists to translate values into Blackfoot

Over the past few months, the Lethbridge Police Service has been working with Indigenous elders to have their organizational values translated into Blackfoot. They say it is a way to honour the culture of the Blood Tribe. The LPS is looking for artists who can create digital artwork representing the values of the Blackfoot Confederacy which would be displayed at the station. This initiative was lead by Trissy Blackwater, a summer student at the LPS.  

“When I first started working in Lethbridge Police Service, I the first like the first things I noticed were the values here, the values that you guys have over the police station. And I thought to myself, you know, like, we have our values too, on the blood reserve, you know, why not have these inside the police station as well. Just to bring some recognition for the blood tribe. Like Lethbridge Police resided on Blackfoot Territory, so why not we have some recognition,” said Trissy Blackwater, summer student, Lethbridge Police Service.

“We are anticipating a significant amount of respondents. We have had a lot of cooperation from the University of Lethbridge, from the Lethbridge College, the colleges around us. Everybody seems to be really behind this initiative. So we are anticipating the response will be very good,” said Gerald Grobmeier, Deputy Chief, Lethbridge Police Service.

Once the artist has been selected by members of the LPS, they will receive a five hundred dollar bursary.  



Angela Stewart

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