Lethbridge school parent frustrated with new K-6 draft curriculum

Many parents and educators protested the new Alberta draft curriculum at various sites across the province this past weekend, including at Lethbridge City Hall. Mel Lefebvre, a concerned parent says the fact that many school boards decided to not pilot the draft curriculum speaks volumes.

“We’ve been saying it for years now since the idea of this draft curriculum came up during the pandemic, so the fact that most school boards refuse to pilot it, and these are all school boards across public education, religious, on reserves, everybody is like no we don’t approve of this. Professionals have gone into the curriculum and picked it apart and said okay well the way this is mapped out does not make sense,” said Mel Lefebvre, an organizer of the protest and concerned parent.

Lefebvre says she and other parents have also written letters to have the curriculum changed in the hopes their voices will be heard.


Angela Stewart

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