Lethbridge receives 156 related encampment calls since the launch of strategy

Officials with the City of Lethbridge say they have been seeing a lot of success with their Encampment Strategy and response plan. Since the launch of the strategy, they say 311 has received around 156 calls related to the encampments. In mid-June, the city also launched a new online report form that people can use to report encampment issues. Andrew Malcolm, Community and Social Development with the city, explains how that’s been going so far.  

“There have been 56 online reports. So we’re seeing about one third of our total volume coming through that online report or that online form, and we expect that number to increase as people come become familiar with it. We’ll stress that whether you call into three one one, use the chat feature on three one one or submit the online form, they’re all coming directly to the encampment response team the same way. So we are triaging them in the same order. So one method doesn’t get you any quicker to the process, but it allows us to triage it all from one central point.”

The city’s full encampment strategy can be found on their website.  

Angela Stewart

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