Lethbridge Police Service hosting ‘Truck or Treat’ event on Halloween

Lethbridge Police are hosting their very first ever ‘Trunk or Treat’ event this Halloween. Taking place just off the boat launch at Nicholas Sheran Park and in the parking lot of the Logan Boulet Arena, police vehicles will be decorated and officers will be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters starting at 5pm. Sergeant Dave Warner says this is an opportunity for the officers to connect with the youth of the city and to help foster a relationship with law enforcement.   

“So important to be able to feel that the youth, just the community in general, can approach us. Because we are here to help the community, and we want to kind of break those barriers down with all of our gear and everything that we’re still people. And we just want the kids to feel comfortable. And it’s going to be a fun event for the officers involved, too. And not only does it foster good relationships with community, it really helps us together as a team to work together, and it’s just awesome to see the motivation to help.”

The event is geared towards younger children, but all youth are welcome to attend.  

Angela Stewart

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