Lethbridge kicks off Environment Week with new survey

Environment Week in Lethbridge has kicked off and the city is inviting locals to take part in their Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan Survey. The survey will help officials figure out how they can better weatherproof their assets and services in the event extreme weather hits.  

“So it is timely because of the extreme weather events that are happening in Alberta. And we want to ensure that the City of Lethbridge is also prepared to adapt to these changing climate events. An example of an adaptation action that maybe included in the plan might be preparing our park spaces for the changing climate. So whether that be increasing our tree diversity or naturalizing park spaces for drought resisting species, that would be an example of an action that may be included in the plan.”

“I think we’re all well aware of changes we’re seeing whether it’s wildfires, whether it’s snowstorms in September that leave us with two feet of snow, all of these sudden weather events, and for for lots of reasons. We really need to be prepared as a community, and not just from an environmental perspective, but from an economic perspective, from a personal safety perspective. And so it’s really exciting that the city’s Climate Adaptation Plan is going to bring all of those pieces together and really come forward with a strategy that we can use as a community,” said Kathleen Sheppard, Executive Director, Environment Lethbridge.

To mark Environment Week, there will be lots of events going on for people to take part in. All of the details can be found on the City of Lethbridge website. 

Angela Stewart

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