Kindergarten student named Fire Chief for the Day in city wide contest

This is Fire Prevention Week. Students across the city had the opportunity to enter a contest where they came up with a fire escape plan. The winner would become Fire Chief for the Day. The lucky recipient was kindergarten student Sofia Woons from Ecole Agnes Davidson School. Her dad, Marc Woons, says Sofia was really excited to become chief.

“I think this is the purpose of the whole program is to ensure that kids are coming home with something that reminds us that we have a fire plan and we’re new homeowners here in town. I think it’s really important that we get on that right away and I mean, for me, it’s memories of it being a kid and being told how to escape your house and having a meeting point and all those sorts of things. So yeah, it’s a great reminder and a great program in that sense, for sure,” said Marc Woons, Sofia’s Dad.

Chief Fire Marshal, Heath Wright, says having young kids involved is good because it also helps to remind parents about fire safety.

“They are quite young, but that’s a resource that we use to help remind parents that fire safety messaging in the household. It’s a refresher for parents as well to make sure that fire messaging is always on the mind of everybody in the household and remind of where muster points are and how to get out to make sure that we have two escapes from every room in the house,” said Heath Wright, Chief Fire Marshal for the City of Lethbridge.

Wright says about 23 schools participated in the contest leading up to Fire Prevention Week.


Angela Stewart

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