Kevin Mills defying the odds with hand-cycling trip across Canada

An Ontario man is making the over 7500 kilometre trip across Canada and defying the odds every day. Kevin Mills was involved in a serious accident over a decade ago when he injured his spinal cord causing him to become a quadriplegic. Now he’s decided to make the cross-country trek in a hand crank wheelchair with his best friend. BCN’s Micah Quinn has more.

Kevin Mills and his biking buddy Nikki Davenport have embarked on an incredible cycling adventure across the country and they’re making sure to have just a little bit of fun while they’re at it. Back in 2009 Mills suffered a spinal cord injury during a vacation to Cuba for his sister’s wedding. 

Mills says he hasn’t let his injury slow him down and now he’s using a specialized manual wheelchair to journey across the country. 

Davenport and Mills started their expedition on the far east coast of Canada.

Mills told us it’s been amazing to meet people from around the country and talk to them about his story.

 The duo started Pedaling Possibilities, which raises awareness for recreational activity in the disabled community while also trying to find an accessible biking route across Canada that can be used by people of all abilities. 

 If you want to keep track of Mills on his cross-Canada trip you can visit

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