Kelti Baird running for council with focus on local business

 A member of the municipal planning commission, and a previous member of the Galt board of directors in Lethbridge has decided to run for Lethbridge City Council in the upcoming municipal election. Kelti Baird is a local business owner, and says she has experienced barriers first hand, when it comes to getting started.  She told Bridge City News what she hopes to do for local businesses if elected. 

“Filling the gaps on things that are locally available here is a big one, and incubating small businesses…really promoting people opening businesses,” says Baird who experienced delays when opening her business back in 2015. “The city of Lethbridge caused four months of delays for my business to be open, costing my business more than 40,000 dollars in rent and possible sales”.

The Alberta municipal election will be held on Monday October 18.

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