Film cameras making a comeback

Film cameras appear to be making a comeback. Some say like vinyl records it’s the nostalgia factor. Staff at McBain Camera in Lethbridge say a lot of their customers are now using film instead of digital. Store manager, Quinton Viskup, says a lot of the younger generation also is getting film. 

“It’s back to that sort of like vinyl and analog. You know, everybody’s kind of into that. It’s fun. So, yeah, there’s a whole bunch of people. We’re finding a lot of older people are trading in their cameras because they don’t use them anymore. But that’s great because it opens up a market for the young kids to pick up this older technology. There’s a charm in film, right. And there’s a certain look to it that you just can’t create with the digital photography.”

Viskup says they have a wide variety of film cameras if anyone is interested in popping by to have a look.  

Angela Stewart

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