Elections Alberta reminding residents to bring proper ID when voting

If you are going to be heading out to cast your ballot in advance voting, you are being reminded to bring all the proper identification with you. This will help to make the process run smoother. A spokesperson with Elections Alberta says there are many ways you can prove your name and physical address at the polling stations. 

“So if you don’t have that document, you can provide things like a utility bill, a library card, bank statement, things like that, to prove your identity as well. Vouching is another option. So if you don’t have any of the forms ID listed, forms of ID listed on our website, then you can bring someone who lives in the same voting area as you and does have ID, and they can sign a declaration to confirm that you are who you say you are,” said Robyn Bell, Spokesperson, Elections Alberta.

Advance voting allows people to cast their ballot at any polling station within the province. If you are not able to vote during the advance stages, you will only be able to vote at your assigned voting location on May 29th.

Angela Stewart

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