‘Drivers abiding by law’: Lethbridge Police continue annual Christmas Checkstop campaign

Lethbridge Police are in their second week of their annual Christmas Checkstop Campaign. Officials say it’s going well so far as most drivers have been complying with the laws and not drinking and driving. Sergeant Danny Lomness says a total of ten vehicles have been seized so far. He says campaigns like this are important to bring about awareness.  

“You got to bring awareness to the community and to citizens to ensure that they know that we do care about everybody on the road. Pedestrians, bicyclists obviously, this is bad weather right now, but we do have a job to ensure everybody is safe to and from wherever they’re going,” said Sgt. Danny Lomness, Traffic Unit, Lethbridge Police Service.

Sgt. Lomness says the holiday Christmas season campaign will run until early January.  

Angela Stewart

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