Creepy Hollow haunted mansion reopening

A grand reopening of the new haunted mansion at the Creepy Hollow tourist attraction will be taking place soon. Employees have been working tirelessly to rebuild following the old mansion suddenly burning down earlier this year. Co-owner, Glory Reimer, says construction is going well and they’ve added some stuff this year that will get the kids excited.  

We’re on schedule for how the build is going and how the rooms are coming together. We’re currently staging some pretty fabulous new rooms, some new ideas, and people are going to be thoroughly shocked, surprised and they are going to love it. We’ve taken extra steps this year to include our ever growing, creepy, hollow family of children, because they love to go in there and they love to help. So, we’ve included things that they can do which will be scary and fun for everybody. So, all the kids that come to visit, we’ll have something they can look forward to,” said Glory Reimer, Co-Owner of Creepy Hollow.

The mansion located just outside of Warner will be reopening on Friday. 

Angela Stewart

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