City launches Land Use Bylaw project

The City of Lethbridge is launching a new project. It’s called the Land Use Bylaw project and helps to regulate the development of private land throughout the city. This is the first time in 40 years where the city has thoroughly re-evaluated and drafted up the bylaw to help tweak its function and purpose.   

“This is going to be a three year project that we’re launching today. We’re going to take the opportunity to make the land use bylaw a lot more user friendly, easy to understand for people to use, and make it hopefully a little bit easier for people to build the types of development that people want to see in the city today. The first phase that kicks off today is all about social uses. So that’s things like different types of social housing, supportive housing, shelters, group homes, and so on. It’s also about social services like foodbanks, resource centers, drop in centers.”

Officials are asking residents to complete an online survey and provide feedback on social uses within our city.  

Angela Stewart

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