City council votes unanimously on a zero per cent property tax increase

A unanimous vote from city council on Tuesday says that there will be a zero per cent increase on property taxes. Residents may see an increase on their entire bill, however, but it won’t be coming from the municipal side. Mayor Blaine Hyggen says the city will work to maintain that zero percent increase.

“It is tough, now each and every time we have a zero per cent increase but we know with inflation it’s at an all time high for that, and so it’s things that council will need to look at. Is it a reduction in some services to be able to keep that zero per cent, we hope that’s not the case and that’s its more of working more efficiently with what we’ve got, but that’s an ongoing discussion because we have seen that throughout. The costs right now are through the roof, groceries, gas etc., utilities is another big one, so we want to make sure that we do the best to keep that down,” said Mayor Blaine Hyggen.

The average household will see about a $23 increase in 2022.


Angela Stewart

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