City asking residents to cut down on water use

Calgary recently issued a water restriction on its residents due to drought conditions and low water in its rivers, and now the city of Lethbridge is following suit. City officials are asking residents to conserve water because of the hot dry conditions. With the lack of precipitation, this has caused drought conditions for the city and surrounding areas so as a proactive measure, voluntary measures have been put in place to help with the situation. Matt Harker, Water and Wastewater Engineer with the City of Lethbridge, says the city relies on the water from the Old Man River and as of late, water levels have been decreasing.   

“We’ve been looking at those water levels. They’ve they’re decreasing and decreasing and not really going back up without any rain. So that was one of the largest measures. That being said, there’s lots of factors that play into that with weather and temperature and even wind with evaporation, things like that. So those are the kind of things we’ve been looking at to really get us kick started on doing things like this.”

Ways people can cut down on their water use includes limiting shower time and bath levels. Flushing toilets only when necessary and cutting down on water lawns and washing cars.  

Angela Stewart

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