Christian conference aimed at bringing together men

Men of God are set to come together on June 10 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The event will feature prayer, worship, and prophetic words from various speakers. Jeremiah Benoit, the Pastor of Revelation Church in Medicine Hat, says it is important that men get together and support each other.

“When men come together and they put their mind to something, there’s very little that humankind can’t do. I think men have this ability to be leaders. I think that’s part of the role in the family and the church and all of that. I think if we can’t get a group together as men it’s pretty hard to lead in the church specifically.”

The idea to create a conference for men has been on Benoit’s heart for a long time. “It’s myself and a local pastor here in Medicine Hat, his name is Jim Bredesen. We’ve been talking lots. One of the things when we have our discussions as leaders, we think one of the biggest reasons the church has statistically been in decline is because of a lack of fathers. A lack of men and a lack of stepping up to the plate and saying this is who we are. I don’t think we go to government to fix that, or social programs to fix that. I think we go to God and we address the men who are Christians and say let’s band together and give people something to follow.”

Benoit hopes that men will feel equipped after the event is done, “So they can go back to their churches, families, and they can say I learned something and I’ve even got some small steps I can do for the next little while to help me grow in my role as a man.”

The event will run from June 10 to the 12 at Victory Lutheran Church in Medicine Hat and men from across southern Alberta are being invited to attend.

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Micah Quinn

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