Chinook Sexual Assault Centre excluded from the budget

Officials with the Chinook Sexual Assault Centre are not happy. They say they were not included for an increase in funding with the recently released Alberta budget. The CEO for the centre, Kristine Cassie, says they work tirelessly with the Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Services to reduce wait times for victims who are seeking counselling. Cassie says it’s frustrating that it appears as though they have been excluded from the budget.  

“This is a different crime from all of the crimes that happen. When we see a province that is doing so well, both financially and the rest, I think it’s important that we look after all of its citizens. Not just those that may be the voting public, but others that may not have that type of voice yet. If we truly want fully productive citizens, we need to invest with the trauma treatment that is needed for sexual assault victims, for children who experience childhood abuse, and the rest of it. So I think that there is an impetus on the government to actually step up and do their part that way as well.”

Bridge City News reached out to Health Minister Jason Copping for comment but has yet to hear back.  


Angela Stewart

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