Business Council of Alberta talks grant options for businesses

While many businesses say they don’t think they can survive another shutdown, the province announced new funding on Tuesday.

The Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant allows for business owners to obtain up to $20,000. The Business Council of Alberta is trying to get the word out for those who may not be aware of the funding. The nonprofit group says the grant could be a lifeline for many local businesses.

“These programs, especially this enhanced $20,000 grant could very well be the lifeline that some small businesses need to make it through this,” explains Scott Crockatt, Vice President of Communications at the Business Council of Alberta, “I’m also acutely aware that with low revenues and costs, sometimes something even like 20,000 won’t be enough for what sounds like a lot of money”.

Federal support is also available for small and medium businesses, which include rent and wage subsidies.

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