Alberta Wildfire update

Melissa Story with Alberta Wildfire says new fires began over the weekend. She says there are 22 active fires that are under control and 19 that are being held. Story explains what a contained wildfire looks like.  

“Our definition of a wildfire being held means that it’s not expected to grow past expected containment lines. So with the current resources that we have on a wildfire and what we’re looking to see for environmental conditions such as temperatures and weather, our containment lines are pretty solid. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the wildfire is going to stay the same size, because our containment lines might be outside of that. That would include things like fire guards that we’ve built around the fires or natural breaks such as a river roadway that we’ve identified as a barrier for that wildfire.”

Story says many of the fires they are battling are under investigation, and most have been human caused.   

Angela Stewart

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