UCP volunteers recall campaign trail

The candidates have been busy on the campaign trail and so have the volunteers who have been door-knocking alongside of them. Some volunteers with UCP Lethbridge East candidate Nathan Neudorf’s campaign say it has been a lot of fun for them. They have had an opportunity to hear first-hand from constituents on what some of the biggest issues are in their region.  

“I think we’ve just heard a lot of the same issues that we’re thinking about is the lack of doctors in Lethbridge and affordability and the cost of living as well.”

“I just moved to Lethbridge about a year ago, so I’m also trying to figure out who the city is and then just also affordability as well. That’s the reason why I’m on this campaign is, I just want to keep things as affordable as possible.”

Both of the volunteers say they hope to be a part of another campaign in the future. 

Angela Stewart

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