94 Cabs adds pink taxi to Lethbridge streets

As part of International Women’s Day last week, a local cab company wanted to recognize female workers. 94 Cabs in Lethbridge changed the color of one of its cabs to white and pink to honor female taxi drivers. This is the first year for the colored cab and it will be staying on the roads with hopes of adding more pink cabs in the future. What also makes this cab unique is that it is only available for female passengers.  

“The idea came up because we’ve been getting a lot of calls looking for female drivers. Honestly, some female customers are comfortable with another female, right. They can talk their common issues. So that’s one thing that why we were looking for female drivers then. It is so important for us because we listen to the market. There was a need. We realized there was a need and 94 Cabs we always come up with new ideas,” said Rasika Jayasuriya, Owner, 94 Cabs.

94 Cabs is still looking for more female drivers, anyone who is interested in applying is asked to contact the company directly. 

Angela Stewart

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