Whoop Up Days features local artist

We previously brought you a story of an artist whose pieces have helped heal her during some of the darkest moments in life. Now that artist is sharing her work and story at Whoop Up days. Jade Olszewski says she is grateful and excited to be a part of this year’s event and hopes people will feel inspired when they see her art.

“It’s a new opportunity for me and my art and this developing ongoing journey so I couldn’t be happier and I am just really excited to connect with other like local artists, other like small businesses and new people. It’s going to be great. A little bit happier maybe a little bit more vibrant, I hope it ignites something in their soul,” said Jade Olszewski, Artist and Exhibitor at Whoop Up Days.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing some of Olszewski’s art can do so down at the grounds or by clicking here. 


Angela Stewart

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