Victim Witness Services Unit recruiting new volunteers

The Lethbridge Police Victim Witness Services Unit is looking for new volunteers. Around 60 people are needed to ensure the team can deliver year-round crisis support to meet the needs here in our community. Program Manager, Catherine Pooley, says whether you are a retiree or looking to become a police officer down the road, this is a great opportunity.

“When we make up our team, we realize that we can’t staff this team with just one sort of perspective, so we encourage people who are thinking of becoming a police officer this is a great opportunity to get into the police service and get a feel for what it’s like on scene and working in an emergency. Someone who maybe wants to be a counselor, this is a great chance to see how you do in those crisis situations. For retiree’s, it’s a really awesome way to connect with the community. If you are just someone who sees this as something I can put in my life and really be able to give back to the community, there is a spot for you here as well,” said Catherine Pooley, Program Manager of the Victim Witness Services Unit with the Lethbridge Police Service. 

To volunteer you must be at least 18 years of age and not have a criminal record. More information can be found here. 

Angela Stewart

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