University of Lethbridge: National day of remembrance and action on violence against women.

Today the University of Lethbridge honored the National Day of Remembrance and action on violence against women. Canadians still mourn for those lost to acts of violence. Thankfully, over the last 12 years stats Canada reports that domestic violence has been decreasingOfficials at the University of Lethbridge held learning lunch highlighting the importance of this day.     

Martha Mathurin Moe the Vice Provost of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Said: “Today is a significant day, especially in postsecondary context, where, unfortunately, 14 young women lost their lives because of wanting to pursue a degree in a field that was predominantly dominated by male colleagues but wanted to get the opportunity to experience and have academic careers. It’s really a significant moment of recognizing the importance of the day, but also the importance of how we as institutions have to continue to do this work to ensure that we create safety for our students, no matter their gender identities or the diversity of expressions that they have can come into that space.”

Mathurin Moe added that it is our responsibility to see the value of our humanity and to look at our differences not as negatives but as an opportunity for innovation and engagement. 

Angela Stewart

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