‘The Premier has failed to do his job’ Alberta NDP react to new COVID-19 measures

Following the earlier announcement from the UCP regarding new COVID-19 restrictions and masking, Opposition NDP Leader, Rachel Notley, says she’s extremely disappointed by the announcement to put more restrictions on Albertans. She says the new restrictions are unfair for the 70 per cent of Albertans who have chosen to receive the vaccine. 


Notley has been pushing the Alberta Government to adopt a vaccine passport rather than implementing new restrictions across the province.


“The Premier has failed us, again. He has brought Alberta to a place of intimate danger to our healthcare system. Jason Kenney is choosing to pay the angry mobs who are literally protesting outside our hospitals, blocking ambulances, while cutting the wages of the nurses who are working inside of them. He has once again put his own internal, political interest ahead of the interest of all Albertans public health, again. Enough is enough. It’s time we started standing up for the majority of Albertans who are doing the right thing and Albertans agree,” says Notley. 


Notley adds the $100 dollar gift card initiative is sending the wrong message by rewarding Albertans who have chosen to not receive the vaccine and are the leading cause of the increase in hospitalizations. 

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