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Hunter has a serious problem with the Liberals’ Bill C-21

A number of hunters are not happy with the proposed amendment to the Trudeau Liberals’ gun ban bill C-21. You can include Andre Van Hilten with the Willow Creek Outfitter located outside of Stavely, Alberta. Van Hilten says the federal government should really be focusing their attention on criminals bringing in illegal guns from the […]Read More

Energy Policy and Gun Ban Bill from an Indigenous Perspective

There are those in a number of Indigenous communities who are supportive of Alberta’s energy sector. Melissa MBarki who is a policy analyst with the Macdonald Laurier Institute explains. Melissa, who is also First Nations, tells BCN’s Hal Roberts why a number of Indigenous communities take issue with the Liberals’ gun ban bill C-21 which […]Read More

Trudeau government modifying Bill C-21

Political reporter Brian Lilley has been keeping a close eye on the debate surrounding the Trudeau Liberals’ gun ban bill C-21. He says since hunters like the Habs’ goalie Carey Price, spoke out politicians may be back peddling a little. He shares the details with BCN’s Hal Roberts. Read More

Will changes to Canada’s gun laws be effective?

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the Trudeau Liberals’ new legislation Bill C-21 or the “handgun ban” as some refer to it. The subject of gun violence has come up a lot in Canada recently following yet another mass shooting in the U.S. Allan Friesen, is a firearms instructor and past president of […]Read More