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Unofficial results for 2021 Lethbridge municipal election

In Lethbridge, there were some local questions constituents had a chance to vote on. One was if our city should adopt a ward system. Over 60 per cent of you said yes. It would be implemented by the 2025 election. Also, more than 55 per cent of respondents voted in favour of constructing a new […]Read More

Lethbridge residents go to the polls for election day

This is a day many Albertans have been waiting for with the municipal election. Specifically our windy city of Lethbridge. As Micah Quinn explains, this is set to become a historic election day for a multitude of candidates. Through the advance voting opportunities, 12 per cent of eligible Lethbridge voters have already cast their ballot […]Read More

Jeff Nielsen running as Independent for Senate seat

Jeff Nielson is another candidate running to become a senator. Nielsen is an Independent. He is a grain farmer near Olds Alberta. He’s been active in farm policy as the chair of the Grain Growers of Canada, which represents 65,000 grain and oilseed producers in our country. Nielsen says he is aware that a senate […]Read More

Pam Davidson vying for Senate position

The option of having to vote for an Alberta Senate candidate will be on the ballot next Monday for the upcoming municipal election. Senate candidates are voted in, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that these candidates will be chosen by Ottawa. The Trudeau Liberals have the final say in the matter right now. Pam Davidson […]Read More