Spring seeding season underway in Lethbridge

Spring has indeed begun in Lethbridge and now is the time to start thinking about seeding and planting. A local greenhouse says now is the time when many people get anxious because they are unsure of what to plant and where to start. The owner of Country Blooms Garden Centre says with it being the first day of spring, now is a good time to start indoor seeding.  

“So it’s an exciting time of the year, but just know that Southern Alberta means that our weather can be yoyo pattern. It can go up, it can go down, it can be cold, it can be windy and all that’s really hard into plant. So typically this is your indoor gardening season right now. Planning strategizing start seeding indoors for the upcoming season and know that you’re not going to be doing much of anything outdoors when it comes to transplanting plants outside well, until the end of April, early May type of thing, depending on what you’re planting and growing. And always reach out and ask us, we’re always available to answer your questions at all,” said Erich Dyck, Owner, Country Blooms Garden Centre.

In terms of outdoor gardening, staff say the best time would be when the soil temperature reaches above the freezing mark. 

Angela Stewart

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