RCMP hold female focused presentation in Calgary

Any females who are interested in joining the RCMP as an officer have an opportunity to learn all about what the career entails during a female focused presentation tonight. The event is a chance for interested applicants to hear real life experiences from those who wear the uniform and to learn more about the application process.  

“I have about 15 years service at the moment. I hope to do another ten years at the RCMP. So just from my colleagues that I work with, I know for myself, I really enjoy working in the schools and I enjoy doing the child interviewing and that sort of thing. And I think that females in the police force just bring a different approach to a lot of things. And I think that’s really, really important to have that representation,” said Constable Erika McGrattan.

The presentation will be taking place tonight at 6 pm at the RCMP Duncan Building in Calgary.    


Angela Stewart

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