Protocols when bringing dog to restaurant patio

Some restaurants in the city now allow dogs on their patios including the Telegraph Taphouse. A manager at the restaurant says they have always been dog friendly, and welcome anyone who wants to enjoy a meal while having their dog by their side. Dawn Lindwall says there are some rules to keep in mind, however, when having your furry friend on the patio.

“We ask that people only bring animals that do well other animals just in case because there is one that come by, so no reactive animals. We had had several nervous dogs that have come out and their owners have always been really great about letting us know. We make sure to make it a happy experience for all animals so even if they are a bit more nervous and you want to use it as a training opportunity, we are always game. Make sure that the animals are safe to be around because we do have children and other animals around here all the time. We do provide water and we have some little treats for our pooch friends,” said Dawn Lindwall, Front of House Manager at Telegraph Taphouse.

Lindwall adds that you must also keep your dog on a leash when sitting on the patio.

Angela Stewart

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