Pastor Artur Pawlowski back in court next month, attorney says they will fight the new charges

Calgary street Pastor Artur Pawlowski remains behind bars and his attorney, Sarah Miller, says she and her client will be fighting the recent charges that were laid following the incident that took place near the Coutts Border. Pawlowski’s next court appearance is on Apr.1, and Miller explains some of the challenges he is facing and doesn’t believe the new charges are typical procedures.

“I would say that he is facing ordinary challenges that most people would face after 45 days of incarceration. The Calgary Remand Centre and now the Edmonton Remand Centre they have had him in certain units that either there are certain restrictions in place so he can’t socialize or be out of his cell as often as some other units. I think probably it’s fair to say that a lot of isolation and a lot of challenges that come with being incarcerated and in a cell for up to 23 hours a day,” said Sarah Miller, Artur Pawlowski’s Attorney. “There was many many people who participated in the Coutts protest who had their vehicles down there for days on end, before and after Mr. Pawlowski went down there. He went down there to express his support and he’s been incarcerated for over 45 days, he’s been charged criminally, the crown has decided to proceed by indictment, he’s got no criminal record. If the difference between the people who participated in these activities and were there is any indication I think he is being made an example of.”

Miller says Pawlowski’s new charges are a breach of probation, as it’s alleged, he did not complete community service hours and failed to report to his probation officer.

Angela Stewart

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