Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden opens new Bunka Centre

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden celebrated their grand opening of the newly finished Bunka Centre. The ceremony was celebrated on the 55th anniversary of the gardens Thursday which drew out many from around the community to witness the ribbon cutting. Director of the gardens Michelle Miles says the Japanese community has played a huge part in the project.

“For them to see, the actually hear, and the things on the wall, and their story being shared, I think it’s one of reflection and celebration. Working with the University of Lethbridge with the memory capture project, working with the college and creating some digital archiving experiences with the garden and with some of the interactive engagement fund, like our coy pond. The Japanese community have been apart of this project since day one,” said Michelle Miles, Director of Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden.

Government officials say that a lot of the funding for the centre came from both federal grants and donations.

Angela Stewart

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