MP Rachael Thomas speaks on new federal carbon emissions plan

Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas is speaking out following the federal government’s new Carbon Emission Reduction Plan that was released earlier this week. Thomas says the Trudeau Liberal government has missed every target they have set when it comes to their environmental policy, adding this new plan is just going to make life more expensive for Canadians.

“Quite frankly I don’t think the government cares. I think they are more concerned about expanding their ideological agenda and pushing it upon Canadians than they are about actually caring for the citizens of this country. We can expect job loss, we can expect the cost of living to go up, we have already seen this. Tomorrow, Apr. 1, we are going to see yet another increase in the carbon tax, we are going to see the fuel at the pumps go up, we are going to see the cost of our home heating go up. Everything in life becomes more expensive when this government touches environmental policy.

Thomas believes the plan will do very little in terms of helping the planet and will have a big impact on Canadians in the end.

Angela Stewart

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