Lethbridge under special air quality statement

Lethbridge is currently under a special air quality statement due to wildfire smoke coming in from both BC and the U.S. Environment Canada says there are westerly winds that are bringing the smoke to our region. Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Sara Hoffman, says those with underlying health issues should be paying special attention to the air quality health index before heading outside.  

“For those folks, a value of 4 to 7 is already a dangerous value for them and a time where they need to take action. For a general member of the public who doesn’t have those pre-existing conditions it’s at 7 + where we start to see those without any existing breathing issues start to become affected and that can be as low as irritation to eyes and throat or difficulty breathing, like that can escalate quite a bit. For those folks, it’s really when you see the AQHI value (Air Quality Health Index) 7 +, but also when you can smell smoke,” said Sara Hoffman, a Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Lethbridge’s Air Quality Index is currently sitting at a 3 and is expected to rise to a 7. 

Angela Stewart

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