Lethbridge Transit updates fare collection system

A new self-serve option is now available on all Lethbridge city transit buses. The city has updated their fare collection system to include the ability to buy bus fare anywhere through the mobile app and web portal. You can also tap to pay for a single fare on a bus. An official with Lethbridge Transit believes this will make things much easier for riders who use the transit system.  

“We wanted to provide more options for our customers, and we were looking to increase their relability of the equipment. We always knew that it was a little bit inconvenient, and we were looking to make it more convenient for the residents of Lethbridge. I think it’s going to increase the convenience for our riders. They no longer have to go to transit or city hall or a location. They can just do everything online.”

As for bus fares, officials say they are not changing. Customers can still use their existing Breeze cards, but they need to be upgraded by October 1st. 

Angela Stewart

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