Lethbridge schools prepare for back to school, nothing finalized

We are less than one month away until students go back to the classroom and Lethbridge post-secondary institutions are planning and organizing what the upcoming semester will look like. Currently, both Lethbridge College and the U of L are planning to have all students back on campus in September. 


Vice-Provost at the U of L, Michelle Helstein, says plans are still being developed, but some restrictions are expected to remain in place.


Both institutions are expected to make a finalized announcement around the middle of August. 

As well, both school divisions in Lethbridge say they are working on finalizing plans for the upcoming year, but with constantly changing restrictions, no final decisions have been made. In a statement from the Lethbridge School Division reads in part: “We are staying abreast of the COVID-changes and will structure return to school accordingly.” It goes on to say,  “Lethbridge School Division will review and follow the updated return to school guidelines. If everything remains on track, class quarantine protocols will not be a challenge. This will mean interruption to delivery of instruction will be minimal.”

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