Lethbridge rolling out green carts

The City of Lethbridge has started to roll out their curbside organics program. An additional $5 cost will be tacked onto utility bills once green carts have been completely given out.

On Thursday morning staff with the city announced that all residents in Lethbridge will receive their green cart by May 12th.

“So green carts are- there is a huge amount of diversion that’s out there from the black cart. We know that over half of what currently goes into the black cart is something that could make it into the green cart between yard waste and kitchen waste. So it’s a great opportunity for us to decrease the amount of material that’s going to the landfill and making it into something that can become a bit more circular. So something that we can actually bring back and produce compost that can go back into the community,” says James Nicholls, the waste and recycling operations manager for the city.

City officials are encouraging residents to put food waste in the green bin. Cardboard boxes with grease on them like pizza boxes can also go in along with any yard waste like grass clippings or leaves.

Micah Quinn

After graduating from Mount Royal University in Calgary with a Broadcasting Diploma, Micah made the trek down to Lethbridge to work for Bridge City News. He has previously worked at City TV Calgary on the Breakfast Television morning show. He looks forward to connecting with this community, and reaching a new audience. Micah has a passion for interviewing and finding out why people think the way they do. You’ll often find him pursuing local feature stories and hard news.

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