Lethbridge resident looks back on warning signs of past heart attack

February is Heart Health Month and a local resident who suffered a heart attack over two years ago says people should keep an eye out for any warning signs. Tony Deys of Lethbridge says he didn’t think to go and get checked out prior to having his heart attack and didn’t anticipate it happening in the first place.

“I am like every man out there who you know it takes a few years extra probably but I do get my doctors visits in and had a physical not that long before the heart attack and everything looked okay, so there were no red flags as far as that goes. To me, nothing stands out before the heart attack. Some hockey parents that we, you know my son’s team, we played that weekend, and they said my color was off, my eyes were bloodshot, a couple of them thought something was wrong. I never noticed a thing.”

The Heart and Stroke Foundation says some of the signs of a heart attack can include sweating, discomfort in your chest, and shortness of breath.

Angela Stewart

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