Lethbridge Food Bank Society in need of donations

The Lethbridge Food Bank Society says they are seeing a big rise in the number of clients using their services. Mac Nichol, the Executive Director says, just last month they saw 100 more households than compared to last year who came to use the food bank and with that means they are going through the food quicker. He explains some of their biggest needs right now.   

“We’re starting to have to make more purchases that we normally didn’t have to. A lot of the things that we’re looking for with food are things like craft dinner. Peanut butter is a really big one that we look for. Our clients that we’re running low on packaged soups, so either dry or in canned and then canned vegetables and canned fruit we’re always looking for. Those are the big ones.”

Nichol says they are also in need of more volunteers at this time.  

Angela Stewart

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