Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services welcomes 10 new graduates

The Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services welcomed 10 new graduates. A graduation ceremony was held earlier today for the new recruits after completing a 12 week training program. Zakary Jantz says it’s taken a long time to get to this point but graduating and becoming a part of the department feels pretty amazing.

“Super excited with Lethbridge. It’s been nothing but a welcoming family, per se. It’s no joke when they say the fire family, it’s a second family. So really excited. And the process has been, it’s been tough, but the work has really paid off. Now a new set of work starts,” said Zakary Jantz, new recruit with Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services.

Mitch Fowler who led the recruits during their training says it feels very rewarding to have been able to train them and to now see them transition into their new careers.  

“Seeing them transition from where they were when we kind of first started to where they are now, their skills, knowledge and just general overall kind of aptitude. It’s nice to like I said, it’s just very rewarding. You get to know, you get to know them super well. And in the end game of things, it makes this whole department much better,” said Mitch Fowler, Recruit Training Captain for the Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services.

Fowler says some of the graduates will be on the job beginning Saturday.   



Angela Stewart

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