Lethbridge businesses prepare for vaccine passport following new COVID restrictions

Starting Sept. 20, businesses in Alberta will need to abide by the new COVID-19 restrictions announced by the Alberta government, or they can choose to use the Restrictions Exemption Program, where they would be required to ask customers for proof of vaccination upon entry.


Board Chair of the Downtown BRZ, and owner of O2 Training Centre, Justin Tavernini, says so far the local businesses he’s heard from say they will be adopting the new passport, as a way to continue to bring in revenue. 


With the new passport, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce CEO, Cyndi Vos, says lots of questions are still up in the air as to how it’ll exactly work. 


Owner of Honkers Pub and Eatery, Vicky Vanden Hoek, says it’s not just customers who will be required to show proof of vaccination. Staff will also be required to be vaccinated, Vanden Hoek says if her staff choose not to, they won’t be able to work and will be temporarily laid off. 


The main message from business owners today was to be patient throughout the coming weeks.


The Alberta Chamber has also put forward an initiative to end the 10 p.m. curfew for liquor sales if businesses are abiding by the new passport exemption.

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