Helping out kids in need with free lunches

A recent announcement by the Alberta government has meant thousands of Alberta students have had to make the switch to learning from home due to COVID-19 restrictions for schools. The Taber Safe Haven Women’s Shelter Society has started an initiative to provide kids in the community with lunches. The society has packed up meals for kids and dropped them off at their houses. The Executive Director of the society, Catherine Champagne, says the program is free and anyone can sign up.

“If we can alleviate one thing, which is making sure they eat everyday at lunch, we thought that would be a great idea,” says Champagne.

There’s no qualifications needed for families who would like to take part in the initiative.

Champagne wants people to know that the students aren’t taken on as clients, but if new clients are interested in the society’s outreach service, it would be beneficial.

This program is available to anyone within Taber, but the service doesn’t stop there. Communities within southern Alberta can join in as well.

The only thing residents have to do is reach out to Taber Safe Haven and give a name and address for the chosen children.

Champagne says the program is planning on running as long as students will be working from home. But there is still a chance of continuing the work if there are families that are still in need throughout the school year.

Within the first day of delivery Champagne says they noticed young kids that answered the doors, “We know there’s kids out there that need that support and don’t have parents at home.”

The society partners with IGA in Taber to provide items for the program.

“We’ve had a ton of community outpouring and support. People wanting to donate gift cards, and wanting to come and help with meals,” adds Champagne.

If you’d like more information on the program, you can visit

Micah Quinn

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