‘Healthcare crisis’: says NDP

The Alberta NDP says despite what the province says, there is a crisis in our healthcare system especially when it comes to obstetric care. There is currently only one OBGYN operating in the city. Lethbridge West MLA, Shannon Phillips, says this is not only impacting Lethbridge but also surrounding communities. Phillips says if the NDP is successful in forming the next government, they plan to offer doctors incentives to come practice here.   

“In our family healthcare team’s proposal  first of all, it would be backed by funds, but we would have specialized clinics. Rachel Notley has made a commitment to ten clinics across the province and Rob Miyashiro and I have made that commitment subsequent to that, saying one would be here in Lethbridge. That is part of a solution. To make sure that we have a predict and sustainable physician agreement where they can see their future and practicing in a healthcare system that is not subject to the whims or privatization wins that Danielle Smith seems to be following,” said Shannon Phillips, MLA for Lethbridge-West.

The next Alberta provincial election is slated for May 29th.  

Angela Stewart

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