Fall horse racing kicks off on Sunday following Whoop-Up Days festivities

Live Horse Racing is set to kick off on Sunday as a way to end the 2021 Whoop-Up Days festivities. The Alberta Thoroughbred Stakes Races will take place at the Rocky Mountain Turf Club this weekend. Horse Racing events are scheduled to take place two days a week from now until Thanksgiving. This year’s fall meets will include Warrior Relay races on Sept. 25. 


Rocky Mountain Turf Club CEO, Max Gibb, says it’ll be an exciting Fall season, with lots of talented jockey’s competing.


Invitational Warrior Relay Races coordinator, June Many Grey Horses, says there will be lots of action going on for people looking to come out.

Whoop-Up Days runs from Sept. 2 to 4, with the first Fall meet taking place on Sunday, Sept. 5.

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